Bosch yaw rate sensor datasheets

Jan 13, 2016 · The yaw rate monitor is designed to last the lifespan of your vehicle, however, when the yaw rate sensor begins to fail, there are a few warning signs you might recognize. If there is an issue with this component, you'll have to have a professional ASE certified mechanic inspect and replace the yaw rate sensor as it's a very delicate process. However, I can't find a datasheet for the yaw rate sensor part # listed there. Found this in the service manual, the Bosch sensor isn't hooked up to the main CANbus, and is instead relayed through the ABS controller, this probably explains why the signals don't match up exactly with the Bosch datasheets

In order to achieve this, the sensor includes MEMS measuring elements connected to an appropriate integrated circuit. The data is then made available on the CAN bus for logging or comsumption by other devices, for example using yaw rate as part of your traction control strategy. 2-axis rotation rate (yaw rate, roll rate) 3-axis accelerometer (X ... Nowadays, Bosch produces more than 250 million sensors a year worldwide for a diverse range of tasks in the vehicle. Around a third of all wheel speed sensors used in new vehicles are manufactured by Bosch. u 2-axis rotation rate (yaw rate, roll rate) u 3-axis accelerometer (X, Y, Z) u 1 Mbaud or 500 kbaud CAN-output u 15 Hz low-pass filtered u Measurement ranges: ±4.2 g; ±163°/s The MM5.10 was designed to measure the physical ef-fects of rotational and linear acceleration. In order to achieve this, the sensor includes ... Application I±163°/s (roll rate/yaw rate) Application II±4.2 g (X, Y and Z accelera-tion) Operating temperature range-20 to 85°C Technical Specifications Mechanical Data Weight w/o wire28 g Size 34 x 34 x 16.5 mm Electrical Data Power supply7 to 18 V Max input current90 mA CAN speed 1 Mbaud or 500 kbaud CAN ID 01 0x174 CAN Message Byte ... Abstract: BOSCH ABS 8.1 bma180 Bosch 5.4 abs diagram Bosch 5.7 abs Bosch 5.4 abs bosch abs control unit bosch 5.3 abs BOSCH SMD MARKING CODES BOSCH abs 5,3 Text: BMA180 Data sheet Digital, triaxial acceleration BMA180 sensor Data sheet Bosch Sensortec Bosch , those 2 modes overall sensor specification is limited.