Vref adc 16f877a datasheet

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ADC0804 is one of the most commonly used analog to digital converter IC. In many applications it is required to convert the output of the sensor, which is analogue in nature to a digital form. The data in digital format can then be utilized for further processing by the digital processors. www.nxp.com

The CS5531/32/33/34 are highly integrated ∆σ Analog- to-Digital Converters (ADCs) which use charge-balance techniques to achieve 16-bit (CS5531/33) and 24-bit (CS5532/34) performance.

ADCIN 10 ADC analog signal input (from PBOUT or AGCOUT via a capacitor) CLPADC 11 clamp control input for ADC analog input signal clamp (active HIGH for TDA8786 and active LOW for TDA8786A) Vref 12 ADC input clamp reference voltage (normally connected to pin VRB or DACOUT) DACOUT 13 DAC output for ADC clamp level AGND2 14 analog ground 2 DS39582B-page 16  2003 Microchip Technology Inc. 2.2 Data Memory Organization. The data memory is partitioned into multiple banks which contain the General Purpose Registers and the Special Function Registers. Bits RP1 (Status<6>) and RP0 (Status<5>) are the bank select bits.